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Small Group Of Hedge Funds Wields Dominance In US Treasury Market: ‘A Concentration Of Vulnerability Has Built Up,’ IMF Warns

The IMF is concerned about highly-leveraged hedge funds dominating the U.S. Treasury futures market, which could lead to systemic threats and instability in the global economy.


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Wall Street Poised To Rebound From Slump As Earnings Optimism Grows: Analyst Eyes This S&P 500 Level As Attractive Entry Point

U.S. stocks are priming for a firmer start on Wednesday, potentially striving to inflect higher from the weakness seen so far in April. As some bullish market watchers pointed out there could be an inflection from the second half of April, with earnings potentially serving as an upside catalyst.


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Wall Street Braces For Mixed Open As Middle-East Tensions Offset Earnings Optimism: Analyst Points To Silver Lining In Rally Break

Earnings optimism may partly offset worries concerning rising bond yields and the volatile geopolitical situation in the Middle East, with the index futures trading mixed early