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Does It Even Make Sense To Own Stocks With Treasury Yields At 4%?

With the stock market taking a new downturn since August, many people are beginning to reconsider whether owning stocks continues to be a profitable endeavor. The S&P 500 broke the 3,900 limit after hours on Friday, and the index is trading at 3,757 midday Thursday, causing investors around the globe to wonder: does it even pay to own equities anymore?


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High-Yield Savings Rate At Goldman Sachs Back To Pre-COVID-19 Pandemic Levels: What It Means For Consumers

Some banks are starting to raise returns on high-interest savings accounts to pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels as stocks have recovered after inflation appeared to moderate slightly in August — to 8.5% — amid four straight increases in interest rates by the Federal Reserve.


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5 Ways The Super Rich Spend $50 Billion

What would you do if you had $50 billion? You'd probably buy everything you've ever wanted, but you still wouldn’t be able to spend all the money on yourself. Figuring out how to spend all that money would be your biggest problem. I mean, how many cars can you have? How many houses can you own? It’s pretty finite, right?


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‘I Have Four Children, That Money Was An Investment Into Their Futures’: Voyager Digital Bankruptcy Has Financially Destroyed Families, Creating Mistrust In Similar Platforms

Investor confidence in the companies that support the cryptocurrency industry still in its infancy has been damaged by the failure of the Voyager Digital Ltd (OTCMKTS: VYGVQ) crypto platform.