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Check Out These 3 Blue Chip Dividend Stocks Bill Gates Uses To Mitigate Recession Risk

Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft has been actively involved in investing for change to lessen the impact of climate change. Gates is doing this by investing in companies such as Quantumscape (NYSE: QS), whose objective is to develop solid state batteries for electric vehicles.


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European Stocks Are Left In Shambles From Russia-Ukraine War: It May Be Time To Buy These 2 High Yielders

As the SPDR Portfolio Europe ETF (ARCA: SPEU) is down roughly 32% year-to-date, it may be a prime moment to hunt for stocks that have become undervalued in the European stock market. The SPDR Portfolio Europe ETF seeks to track the performance of the STOXX Europe Total Market Index, which is the European equivalent to the S&P 500 Index here in the U.S.


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This Type Of Restaurant Is Thriving Right Now, Yet Olive Garden Struggles: Here’s Why

With food inflation still surging, up 8% for the twelve months ended August, and the Russia-Ukraine war adding to global food constraints, it's easy to see why restaurant brands and operators are experiencing diminishing margins on their bottom line.