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Miami Heat, Florida Panthers Could Win Big For South Florida — And One Bettor’s Parlay: Plus, How Many Cities Have 2 Winners In Same Year

Two professional sports teams from the state of Florida are both in their respective sports’ championship finals best-of-seven series with a chance to make the faithful fans from their state proud. Here's a look at how many cities have had multiple winners in the same year and the betting odds — as well as that bettor's big parlay. 


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EXCLUSIVE: How Mojo Plans To Build ‘A Next Level Fan Experience’ In 3 New States

When sportsbook Mojo first launched last September with $100 million in venture capital backing, it proclaimed itself as an athlete "stock market." In other words, users frequent the app to gamble on a player's performance, whether it be in one game, an entire season, or the trajectory of their career.