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Isiah Thomas’s One World Products & Afro-Colombian Group Will Dedicate A Million Acres To Industrial Hemp Production

ISIAH International, One World Products Inc (OTCQB: OWPC), the largest Black-controlled, licensed hemp and cannabis producer in Colombia, and AMUNAFRO, the National Association of Mayors of Municipalities with Afro-Colombian populations, announced late Thursday that they had entered int


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Collapsed Economies Choose Crypto Over Fiat

Digital currencies have been becoming increasingly popular worldwide thanks to their undeniable advantages: privacy, transparency, and accessibility. More and more people choose to use crypto and enjoy the benefits of decentralization. Meanwhile, governments are wary of digital assets as they see them as a potential rival to the national economy.


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Most Prominent Crypto Regulation Cases in 2021-2022

There is a noticeable shift in the global economy toward digital currencies. They present a great alternative to its fiat counterparts because they are transparent, decentralized and not controlled by any government. Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular due to their advantages, causing the crypto industry to grow rapidly.