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PAR Technology Corporation Announces Sale of Wholly Owned Subsidiaries PAR Government Systems Corp to Booz Allen Hamilton and Rome Research Corp to NexTech Solutions Holdings for Aggregate Consideration of $102M

PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE:PAR), a global restaurant technology company providing unified commerce solutions for enterprise foodservice announced today that it has agreed to the sale of its Government operating


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Rumors Of Green Thumb And Boston Beer Merger: What Investors Need to Know, Analyst Breaks It Down

Green Thumb Industries (OTC: GTBIF) has expressed interest in merging with Boston Beer (NYSE: SAM), according to a recent report by Pablo Zuanic of Zuanic & Associates. What strategic advantages does this merger offer?


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Dolby Laboratories To Acquire GE Licensing In $429M Cash Deal: Strengthens Patent Portfolio

Dolby Laboratories is set to acquire GE Aerospace's GE Licensing, which holds over 5,000 patents in consumer digital media and electronics. This $429 million acquisition will enhance Dolby's patent portfolio, strengthening its position in video compression technology. The transaction, expected to close by fiscal year 2024, aims to boost operating margins and EPS in fiscal 2025.