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Older Patients Are Choosing Cannabis To Treat Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Anxiety And Insomnia, New Study Shows

Older patients comprise a growing subset of medical cannabis patients, according to a new study. Titled Age-related Patterns of Medical Cannabis Use: A Survey of Authorized Patients in Canada, the new scientific publication presented the consumption trends observed in patients and the self-reported impacts of medical cannabis in alleviating the patients' primary symptoms. Tilray Medical, a division of Tilray Brands, Inc. is behind the study which is derived from the Canadian Cannabis Patient Survey (CCPS) 2021, which included 2,697 patients. The researchers focused primarily on older patients with a mean age of 54.3. Patients with chronic pain (27.8%), arthritis (14.9%) and anxiety (9%) were the most numerous among those seeking cannabis to treat their primary illnesses. Pain was the most common primary symptom for which patients use medical cannabis, followed by anxiety and insomnia/sleep disorder.


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Magnificent 7 Stocks Trigger Concerns Of Market Overheat: Bubble Trouble?

Bank of America's Michael Hartnett's insights reveal common catalysts for market bubbles, including tech innovation and central bank easing. Historic parallels to current Magnificent Seven stocks show potential for future burst, with rising Treasury yields as a harbinger.