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Powell, Middle East Fears Weigh On Tech Stocks, Treasury Yields Hit 5%, Gold Notches Fifth Week Of Gains: This Week In The Markets

The Nasdaq 100’s technology stocks wrapped up their fourth consecutive week in the red, marking their most dismal stretch and sharpest declines since late 2022, as investors opted to pocket profits against a backdrop of mounting concerns over inflation and geopolitical tensions.


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Small Group Of Hedge Funds Wields Dominance In US Treasury Market: ‘A Concentration Of Vulnerability Has Built Up,’ IMF Warns

The IMF is concerned about highly-leveraged hedge funds dominating the U.S. Treasury futures market, which could lead to systemic threats and instability in the global economy.


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Stocks Grapple With Geopolitical Pressures, Gold Eyes $2,400, Bitcoin Falls Below $62,000: What’s Driving Markets Tuesday?

Investors remain on edge as geopolitics continue to shape market trends, with Israel mulling a response to Iran while the U.S. and key allies explore further sanctions against Tehran.