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$3M Loan from Safe Harbor Financial Fuels THC Beverage Company’s California Launch

Safe Harbor Financial (NASDAQ: SHFS), a pioneer in delivering financial services to the regulated cannabis sector, has announced the origination of a $3 million loan for a Washington-based organic THC-infused beverage company.


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60-Year-Old Etsy Seller Doesn’t Let Inflation Douse His Fiery Business, Generates $169,00 In 12 Months

Tim Riegel, a business owner in Lamar, Missouri, had a eureka moment when reviewing his monthly earnings half a year ago. Despite strong sales from his side hustle, Mozark Fire Pit Studio, the profits seemed to be dwindling. The culprit was that the company got bit by the inflation bug.


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This 22-Year-Old Making $194,000 A Year Plans To Retire At 35 By Using FIRE Principles

At a young age, many dream of financial freedom and early retirement, but few take decisive steps toward realizing this goal. Ethan Nguonly, a 22-year-old software engineer, is not just dreaming but actively working towards a future unburdened by financial constraints, a journey he initiated even before becoming a teenager.


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The Financial Samurai: Unveiling The Man Behind A $4.4M Portfolio

At a stage in life when most individuals are climbing up the corporate ladder, Sam Dogen chose to step down, embracing retirement at just 34. This early exit from the corporate world wasn't a hasty decision but the culmination of a meticulously crafted financial strategy rooted in years of disciplined savings and investment.