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Mark Cuban On Coinbase — ‘No One Trusts’ The SEC, Says ‘They’re Full Of Lawyers’ Who Only Want To Litigate

Billionaire investor and entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, criticized the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for its lack of support for companies seeking to comply with U.S. securities regulations. Cuban claimed that the SEC’s main objective is to challenge companies to reach compliance, rather than providing aid and guidance.


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Amazon’s Innovation And Its Financial Implications: Can The Tech Giant’s Planned Free Mobile Service Drive Its Share Price To 200?

Amazon is in talks with major telecom companies to provide cost-effective or free mobile phone services. Amazon's stock price has surged by 47% this year, with a 14% increase in May alone. The stock shows bullish momentum and has the potential to reach or surpass its all-time high of $188, although there are some resistance levels to watch.