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If You Invested $1,000 In This Energy Drink Stock When COVID-19 Lockdowns Started, You’d Now Have Over $41,000 — And It May Be Time To Sell

Many stocks have had astonishing growth since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, owing to massive amounts of money pumped by central banks and government stimulus, which have fueled consumer spending and the economic recovery.


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DIY Pizza Night Inspires Gail Becker To Launch Good-For-You Food Giant, Sizzling With $100M In Revenue

One night, Gail Becker decided to try a homemade pizza dough recipe using cauliflower. Her kids loved it, but the process was messy. Becker wondered: What if a tasty and nutritious cauliflower pizza could be readily available in the frozen foods section of your nearest supermarket? 


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From Homeless On Christmas Eve To Michelin Star Chef: How Vikas Khanna Defied The Odds

This story is part of a new series of features on the subject of success, Benzinga Inspire. When Vikas Khanna emigrated from India to America on Dec. 2, 2000, he found work right away cooking breakfast at a Manhattan deli in Tribeca.