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ETFs Flows to Watch: SPY Attracts Staggering $18B Inflows in May, The Highest Since December 2021, As Investors Jump On AI Rally

The SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (ARCA: SPY) experienced an outstanding $18.1 billion in net inflows in May, the greatest flow performance since December 2021, when the fund received $25.6 billion, according to Koyfin data. The ETF is the world's biggest with approximately $400 billion in assets under management.


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IMF Anticipates ‘Persistent Inflation Problem’ For US, Interest Rates To Stay At 5.5% Until 2024

The International Monetary Fund says the U.S. economy won't escape the challenge of persistent inflation if the job market does not soften and monetary policy does not stay tight for an extended period of time. On Friday, the U.S.