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Invest In These 2 High Yielding Data Center REITS As The Credit Risk For Tech Companies Increases

Although interest rates are rising, it doesn't mean savvy investors cannot earn positive returns on real estate investment trusts (REITs). Historically, when the risk-free rate rose dramatically in six time periods, REITs earned positive returns during four of those periods, and out of half of those periods, they beat the S&P 500.


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Bill Ackman’s Protégé Holds These 3 High Yielding Stocks For Passive Income And Steady Gains

Sachem Head Capital Management, founded and managed by Scott Ferguson in 2012, is a value-oriented investment management firm based in New York City. After graduating from Stanford University in 2003, where he met Bill Ackman, Ferguson became the first analyst and partner of Pershing Square Capital.


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European Stocks Are Left In Shambles From Russia-Ukraine War: It May Be Time To Buy These 2 High Yielders

As the SPDR Portfolio Europe ETF (ARCA: SPEU) is down roughly 32% year-to-date, it may be a prime moment to hunt for stocks that have become undervalued in the European stock market. The SPDR Portfolio Europe ETF seeks to track the performance of the STOXX Europe Total Market Index, which is the European equivalent to the S&P 500 Index here in the U.S.


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This 7% Yielding ETF Was Ravaged By Ukraine War. Is Now The Time To Buy?

The iShares MSCI Germany Index Fund is down roughly 39% year-to-date, after hitting a high of $33.51 back in January 2022. The steepest decline in the exchange traded fund took place shortly after Russia decided to mobilize its troops into Ukraine as a “specialty military operation,” which took place in February 2022.