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Check Out These 3 Blue Chip Dividend Stocks Bill Gates Uses To Mitigate Recession Risk

Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft has been actively involved in investing for change to lessen the impact of climate change. Gates is doing this by investing in companies such as Quantumscape (NYSE: QS), whose objective is to develop solid state batteries for electric vehicles.


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He Bet Against Subprime Mortgages, Now John Paulson Is Bullish On Gold Stocks: 2 Gold Mining High Yielders He Owns

A Wall Street investor, who's his claim to fame was betting against subprime mortgages by using credit default swaps, appears to be bullish on equities in the gold sector.


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Cash In On The Rental Housing Market Boom With These 3 High Yielding REITs

As the national average for the 30-year fixed mortgage rate sits at roughly 6.43%, many homebuyers can no longer afford a down payment as well as the interest rate that comes with purchasing a home. Unfortunately, due to the scorching hot real estate market, the average home price in the U.S. is roughly $356,054, causing rents to surge by 12.3%, at the end of August.