Trading Legend Stephen Kalayjian Cofounds TradeEZ, A ‘Dynamic Learning’ Experience

The belief held by many pundits is that markets cannot be timed. That’s fallacious, says legendary daytrader Stephen Kalayjian.

The belief held by many pundits is that markets cannot be timed.

That’s fallacious, says legendary daytrader Stephen Kalayjian.

“I don’t buy the notion you can’t time markets. I’ve done it for the over three decades I’ve been trading for others, including myself. When the S&P’s were $4,800.00 or so, I told everybody to get out. Markets had yet to price in contractionary monetary policies and a sell signal flashed.”

Pictured is Stephen Kalayjian in front of his desk.

Kalayjian’s call before the S&P 500 had peaked was made based on his analysis of proprietary indicators built over the last decade. They’re time tested, he explained, adding that one of his go-to clearing firms said he had win rates that approach 90%, measured over four years.

Having made a name for himself among professional and retail traders alike, Kalayjian says he was often inundated with requests to assist others in their trading, too.

“In the days of AOL instant messaging, I would often speak with and share my insights with big hedge fund guys and prop firms. Then, my friend, who ran a big hedge fund, urged me to build something for the general public. So they, too, could level up their trading.”

That started Kalayjian on a path to creating what ultimately became TradeEZ with partner Joseph Murphy.

What Is TradeEZ: At its core, TradeEZ is an edutainment platform and charting package.

Subscribers, across the globe, have access to equity, commodity, cryptocurrency, and forex market-related content, at all hours of the day, via a live room with Kalayjian, himself, looking at markets, making calls, and teaching intraday.

Questions can be asked via voice and a text chat room. Also on offer is a library of recorded trading education, post-market recaps, monthly workshops, case studies, and more.

The Differentiator: The hands-on approach via workshops, visualizations, and repetition.

“I believed that there had to be a way to take all that knowledge and experience — my trade of nearly two billion shares — and package it in an easy-to-digest format. That’s not including all of the work I do taking subscriber calls from Croatia, Australia, you name it.”

Visualizations provided to students by TradeEZ.

As hard as it is to grasp, given that so many have gone through failures trading themselves, or alongside other seemingly experienced traders online, Kalayjian says, his record and stickiness among existing and old students speak for itself.

“We’ve got great relationships with the clearing firms and introducing brokers,” he said. “If our traders do better, that’s actually good for the brokers who need that volume to sustain their business.”

In select texts shown to Benzinga, Kalayjian said that students, many with no prior experience, are performing well months after joining, with some making in excess of their take-home salaries from full- and part-time jobs.

“It’s surreal and I’m all about integrity. No big sponsors for me. I’m changing lives on our terms.”

Pushing Boundaries: Though a small team, TradeEZ gets a lot done, Kalayjian explains.

“Aisling Burke, which is the pioneer behind our front, and back-end, development work, support, and marketing, alongside the others which are in Dublin, Ireland, make it happen.”

Going forward, the TradeEZ team is focused on becoming “a household name,” through low-cost barriers to entry, relationships with media and financial services providers, and soon-to-be-released trading games.

“The dynamic learning, social-engagement environment seems to really be doing it for our students some of which are adults working jobs or, even, kids in school. I’m compelled to continue making people’s dreams a reality.”

For more on TradeEZ, see their Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Discord.

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