EXCLUSIVE: Zapata AI Partners With India-Based Tech Mahindra To Transform Network And Customer Operations

Zapata Computing partners with Tech Mahindra to revolutionize CSP solutions. Leveraging Zapata AI's quantum-based Generative AI, expect enhanced operational efficiency, proactive maintenance, and personalized customer interactions.

Zapata Computing Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:ZPTA), an Industrial Generative AI company, announced on Tuesday a strategic collaboration with India-based Tech Mahindra, a provider of technology consulting and digital solutions to enterprises across industries. 

Founded in 2017, Zapata AI enables enterprises and government entities to drive growth and cost savings through operational efficiencies and critical operational insights.

The companies will prioritize using Zapata AI’s quantum-based Generative AI solutions to enhance Tech Mahindra’s capabilities to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently to global Communication Service Providers (CSPs), improving operational efficiency and customer responsiveness.

The relationship will provide Zapata AI access to Tech Mahindra’s portfolio of global CSPs, enabling it to market and deploy its powerful suite of Generative AI solutions.

Zapata uses quantum-based algorithms, time series data, and real-time analytics. 

The joint effort will look to introduce scalable, performance-enhancing, generative AI-powered solutions such as network optimization, anomaly detection to prevent disruptions and intrusions, proactive network maintenance, personalized customer interactions, and lower-cost AI solutions that efficiently scale across large networks. 

CSPs can expect quicker deployment of new services, improved uptimes, lower service costs, optimized issue response, and tailored customer interactions that can adapt in real-time to changing consumer preferences. 

“Accurately anticipating, predicting, and responding to service disruptions and high-traffic events, in addition to optimizing network and operations management, will help reduce a massive operating expense burden for telecom service providers,” said Christopher Savoie, CEO and co-founder of Zapata AI. 

On Monday, Zapata appointed Sumit Kapur as Chief Financial Officer, effective May 20, 2024, and Zapata AI’s Vice President, Finance during a short transition period.

Price Action: ZPTA shares closed higher by 8.13% at $1.33 on Tuesday.

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