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EXCLUSIVE: Elvis On-Chain Is Bringing The King’s Legacy Into The Metaverse With Record-Breaking Block Party

You will often see NFT projects explain that their work is about building communities. In a grand sense, this is certainly true. The value of NFTs like the value of crypto and arguably all currency is staked in belief — the more people actively supporting a project, the more likely the project is to sell and succeed.


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Interview with Alex Salnikov, Rarible, on how to improve holiday traditions through NFTs. If you have any last-minute gifts to buy for any of the big seasonal holidays, a popular trend within and outside of blockchain circles is NFTs — the breakout hit of the cryptocurrency world with a market that generated over $23 billion in trading volume in 2021.


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Facebook And Google Lowkey Admit That Not All Crypto Is A Scam

Interviewing influencers and project leaders on the complicated world of promoting crypto. It’s a good week for mainstreaming -- two big tech ad platforms, Google and Facebook, have finally, albeit grudgingly, accepted that maybe not every cryptocurrency-related project is inherently criminal. Well done, big tech.