Beckley Retreats Launches To Offer Magic Mushroom Retreats In Jamaica

Following Silo Wellness’ (OTCQB: SILFF) steps, the newly launched Beckley Retreats

Following Silo Wellness’ (OTCQB: SILFF) steps, the newly launched Beckley Retreats will soon offer psychedelic retreats in Jamaica.

Starting in October 2022, Beckley Retreats will offer a program that includes pre-retreat preparation, as well as post-retreat integration to psilocybin retreats on the island, where cultivating, using and gifting psilocybin mushrooms is legal. The goal of the retreat is to form “new habits, practices, and thought patterns.”

The retreats will be under the guidance of recognized psychedelics activist Amanda Feilding, “the queen of the psychedelic renaissance,” who has been spearheading legislation reforms in psychedelics for over 20 years.

Neil Markey, CEO of Beckley Retreats discovered the therapeutic potential of psychedelics after suffering from severe depression and PTSD following his deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan as a captain in the US Army Rangers.

The location of the retreats is in Cockpit Country, a region at the north of Jamaica, in the Good Hope Villas. Later in the year, the company expects to announce further locations.

The preparation for the trip includes virtual group meet-ups, one-on-one sessions with a guide and learning about preparation protocols. 
Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Coelho on Unsplash

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