Did You Know Twitter Launched A Video Game? Here’s The Lesson It Teaches

Social media platform Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) is inviting its users to play a video game. Here’s why.

Social media platform Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is inviting its users to play a video game. Here’s why.

What Happened: Twitter launched a game called Data Dash on Wednesday. The game coincides with an update to its privacy policy, which was also shared Wednesday.

“Through Twitter Data Dash, we hope to encourage more people around the world to take charge of their personal information on our service and maybe even have a little fun in the process,” Twitter said.

Users of the Data Dash game pick their language and select a character. Gamers are helped with a dog named Data to navigate “PrivaCity.” The game features spammy DMS that needs to be avoided and ads to be dodged. Even Twitter trolls pop up in the Twitter game.

Each level completed in Data Dash unlocks more information about Twitter’s privacy policy.

The game was created by Momo Pixel.

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Why It’s Important: The company said the goal of the game is to educate users on the information it collects and what it does with it.

“Transparency is core to our approach and we want to help you understand the information we collect, how it’s used, and the controls at your disposal,” Twitter said.

Twitter announced Tuesday a new “Copypasta and Duplicate Content” policy that will limit how tweets that are copied and pasted from others will be viewed.

“We’ve emphasized clear language and moved away from legal jargon,” Twitter tweeted Wednesday.

Twitter said its users’ privacy isn’t a game, but they made one to help understand its privacy policy.

TWTR Price Action: Twitter shares closed Wednesday down 2.48% to $46.09. The company is set to be acquired by Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk for $54.20 per share.

Photo: Courtesy Twitter

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